Thursday, September 23, 2010

Take me back...


I absolutely love the Utah State Fair. Just ask me how many times I went this year... 2. Because one time just wasn't enough for me.

Just a few reasons why I love the fair...
1. COTTON CANDY. See image below, I was so excited.
2. Baby animals. Baby anything! But seriously, I was lovin' up that calf. See picture below.
3. Gypsy rides. No doubt the rides are missing a few screws... They are out of control and I love it!
4. Such a good date night.
5. People watching! Wow, Utahns don't mess around...
6. Again, baby animals.

Dinner Date

You know how much I love hosting a good dinner date. I live for that kind of crap.

Last week Raymond and I hosted our best dinner date yet. We set up in the art gallery! As Ali said, it was totally bachelor status (yeah, we are referring to the show on ABC). After dinner we took full advantage of the space and our artistic abilities... if can't tell from the pictures, we were dipping our hands in wax to make a mold. Then we filled the molds with wax and voila! we had casts of our hands. 

Too much fun.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Good Life

Not a whole lot has been happening around the Hollowell household.
We are simply enjoying just being us, together.
Most nights are spent curled up in bed watching movies on my little laptop.
We rarely cook dinner. Instead, we do things like eat cereal straight from the box and drink a whole pitcher of kool-aid. Dinner of Champions.
We are still vegetarians. And we still do not have a television.
Yes, we are crazy cat people. At least we fit in with our neighbors.
I've been sewing a lot lately and Raymo has started painting again. 

Life is so good.

Friday, September 3, 2010

I'm a Legal Beagle!



My birthday was so wonderful. I could not have planned it better myself.
Big shout out to Raymo for spoiling me rotten.

Raymond and I started the day with breakfast at The Original Pancake House. So good. I munched a massive Dutch baby and it was so worth the wait. Afterwards we hit the salon for much needed pedicures. Yes, Raymo got one too and regardless of what he says, I know he enjoyed every minute of it and will be back for another I am sure. 

Somewhere in the day I had to work.

Then it was off to the birthday celebration! My mom had the whole place decorated in pink and green with a handmade birthday hat to match. For my sister's birthday my Mom and Dad made her a darling birthday hat that I was mucho jealous of so you can only imagine my excitement when I saw my very own birthday hat sitting in the middle of the table.  So cute, right?

And then, as if I wasn't spoiled enough throughout the day... we opened presents. YAY!

Husband of the year award goes to Raymo for getting me... a video camera!
What a stud. 
I also got a sewing machine that I am super stoked about. 

To end the night, Raymo and I celebrated with Martinelli's and chocolate dipped strawberries. We toasted to 20, after-all, it was a really good year. We also toasted to 21 and asked it to please treat me nicely. When we drank from our glass we even linked arms like they do in the movies... it wasn't as hard as it looks.
 It was the perfect ending to the most wonderful day of my 21st year (so far).

Thank you, Thank you to everyone that celebrated with me (near and far) on my birthday. I love you all.