Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Cheer-o-Meter

We are doing everything possible this year to catch the Christmas spirit and get a little Christmas cheer. I'd say on a Christmas scale of 1 to 10 we are pretty cheery and we have done a lot of fun things to boot!

We went to the Festival of Trees to start the holiday season off. Unfortunately the trees were not as wonderful as they have been in the past but it was still a fun night. I got so many craft ideas from the gift shop and I can't wait to start them all! All in all, it was a wonderful night and all for such a good cause.

The Dickens Festival!
I had never been before so it was treat to go this year. Everyone is dressed up in old-time apparel and they all pretend to be celebrating Christmas during the time of Charles Dickens. If you need more help understanding... 
watch the Muppets Christmas Carol.

The trees are trimmed

Christmas decorating is way more fun when you are married.
Also, How does anyone make it through Christmas without a stapple gun?
It was our #1 decorating tool this year.

Snowed In

We were driving home from California during that huge snow storm that hit Utah. Every complained that it was not so bad... I disagree.

We got snowed in in Cedar City. We made the most of it though by watching movies and drinking hot chocolate in our smelling motel room.

I realize it is totally and completely inappropriate and embarrassing to post bathing suit pictures but just this once... I had to.

We were showing off our muscles...
and our bathing suits all matched.