Sunday, January 31, 2010

Immigration Update

I was so excited to see a letter from Homeland Security in the mail today! Anything post-marked Laguna Niguel with the USCIS logo makes my heart skip a beat. I very UNcarefully ripped open the letter hoping to see the word APPROVED in bold letters


Instead, I saw this...


Raymo and I have been asked to submit more "evidence" to prove we have a legitimate relationship. Technically we have until February 20th to turn it in but I am scrammbling to get it all together and out the door before I leave for Scotland in one short (or long) week. Not only do we have to provide more evidence but until we do, our case is on hold. So much for hearing back by the beginning of March...

Sweet Lola Jane

Welcome to the world Princess...

Lola Jane Bentley
January 22, 2010
7 pounds, 5 ounces
20 inches long

Monday, January 25, 2010

Totally Booked

I absolutely love to read. This is one of the biggest differences between Raymo and I. I could spend hours involved and completely lost in a good book. With all my extra time (since Raymo is not around) I have been able to read lots of great books and I even joined (or created) a book club with some girlfriends. You should know that I take great pride in being in a book club. You should also know that we started our book club during the summer before book clubs all of a sudden became so popular. Now, compared to Oprah we are total book club newbies but I am loving it none-the-less.

Our current read it another book of choice although it must be by Jane Austen or inspired by the wonderful author. Because it is February and Valentine's Day is just around the corner we thought it was only right to read a true lovey-dovey, nothing-but-romantic, novel. Our first thought was to read a book by Nichlas Sparks- the ultimate sap himself- but decided that a timeless classic would be better. I still haven't picked my book but I am leaning towards Emma. I will let you know how it goes... Until then, you can check out Totally Booked here. The blog is brand new and still in its baby stages but we will get it up-to-date soon.

Happy reading!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

The year is here!

So 2010 is here! This is the biggest year of my life yet. Moving Country, New job, Getting married, New friends ....... its gonna be a big one. It's pretty much the start of a new life. A new life together with Annie! I'm looking forward to it so much though. I'm just waiting for the day that the Government is like " SURPRISE!!!!" you can officially move over. I'm pretty sure we both are!

Anyway here's to a New Year with lots of fun and happiness! Lots and Lots!